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1 October 2019 / Accounting Tips

7 Ways Virtual Accounting Solves Bookkeeping Pain Points

1 October 2019 > Accounting Tips

For small business owners, bookkeeping is often a pain in the neck. It can be a complex process to track all incoming and outgoing expenses and reconcile them to the right accounts. More importantly, it’s hugely time consuming and takes away from running your business.

Many business owners and stressed-out bookkeepers are looking at virtual accounting services to remove some of the burden of typical bookkeeping duties. It’s an excellent service to consider whether you’re a business owner ready to hand the books over to someone more qualified, or you’re a bookkeeper/accounting professional that’s overworked and in need of assistance.

A virtual accountant is not a software or a robotic online service. It’s a person working offsite to reconcile your accounts and perform other accounting needs. The benefits are like having an on-site bookkeeper, and it can solve many major pain points in your current bookkeeping system.

1. Eliminates Turnover

The recruiting, hiring, and training processes for a qualified, hardworking bookkeeper is time-consuming and expensive. Unfortunately, turnover is high in the industry, and it’s not uncommon to have a bookkeeper on staff for a couple of months before they quit.

When you hire a virtual accounting firm to handle your books, the turnover of the industry is no longer your problem. As long as you continue sending monthly payments, the firm will ensure that someone professionally handles your books for you.

2. No More Messy Books

Are you currently unsure about your financial standing because of messy bookwork that’s riddled with inaccuracies? You need a professional accounting service to get your books back in order.

You might believe your unorganized books are beyond repair, but a good virtual bookkeeper will organize your books and keep them that way. Your inaccuracies and errors will decrease, and you’ll have a clear financial outlook for your business.

3. Better Workload Balance

Small businesses often struggle with workload balance due to lack of resources. They may be short on employees, lack money to fund projects, and experience other challenges of a growing startup. Naturally, bookkeeping gets tossed to the backburner. Even if you have a bookkeeper on staff, they may be overworked and underpaid, increasing the risk for inaccuracies or an inability to complete everything.

Outsourcing your accounting needs is a great way to fill this gap. Bookkeeping is the worst area to make mistakes with a growing business, so balancing out your workload with offsite resources is critical.

4. More Affordable Services

You’ve likely investigated the cost of hiring an accountant and can’t bear the cost. Adding another full-time or even part-time employee to your staff could be detrimental to your bottom line. With virtual bookkeeping, you’re getting a full-time employee without paying the costs associated with hiring someone.

Additionally, the hourly wage of a remote bookkeeper tends to be lower than what you would pay your own staff member. Their overhead is often lower, so you can get an experienced, professional accounting service without paying a premium.

5. Goodbye Overtime

As a business owner or manager, you have enough to worry about without adding bookkeeping to your list of to-dos. Unfortunately, without a good bookkeeper to handle these expenses, you’re often saddled with these extra, essential duties.

You can run your business with total focus when you know that a trusted bookkeeping service is handling your accounting needs. You can forget about correcting errors from incompetent staff or spending hours reconciling messy accounts because you’re using a highly experienced service customized to meet your needs.

6. Audit Protection

A major fear of United States business owners is a tax audit. Even if you’ve been meticulously keeping your books, there may be mistakes. If discovered during an audit, the consequences can be costly. In some cases, it could even mean jail time for tax fraud.

Having a virtual accountant keep track of your expenses significantly reduces the risk of errors and inaccuracies in your books. Your accountant will work alongside you throughout the audit, often corresponding with the IRS agents on your behalf so you’re worry-free.

Additionally, it creates a clear separation of your personal and business transactions, so there’s no way your personal taxes will be audited while your business is.

7. Tax Benefits

Filing taxes is perhaps the second biggest financial headache in a business. Not only is it confusing to decipher tax jargon and IRS requirements, but it’s also time consuming. An accounting service will likely handle your tax preparation alongside your accounting needs. Plus, they’ll help you get the most out of your return by taking the best deductions and finding the most advantageous benefits.

Outsource Your Tax Preparation to Taxfyle

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You can expect expert accountants to go over your taxes, taking all relevant deductions and eliminating errors. To see how our solution can benefit your company this tax season, try our services today!

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