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4 July 2020 / Product Updates

A Simpler Work Portal

4 July 2020 > Product Updates

A Simpler Work Portal

At Taxfyle, we value progress, innovation, and dedication. Each year, thousands of work requests flow through our system and we are continuously trying to make the experience better for our clients and professional workforce. We've taken feedback from our users over the past four years and incorporated that into a fully redesigned Work Portal. 

Our initial launch of the Work Portal is focused on delivering an even better experience for our professional workforce. Here are some of the most commonly used features in the new Work Portal to make sure you don't skip a beat during our transition.

Job Opportunities 

As customers and firms submit work requests, it is important that we provided all the necessary information before accepting an opportunity. 

We’ve streamlined the process of accepting opportunities by: 

  • Allowing professionals to view opportunities across all their workspaces at once

  • Docking a work request’s specifications on the right-hand side making it easy to quickly scan through various opportunities

  • Adding additional filtering options top right-hand side

Job Management 

After accepting an opportunity keeping track of updates and new messages plays a pivotal role to provide clients with a great user experience.

Workspace management

  • Do you have work spread across various workspaces? Now you can quickly view jobs across all workspaces at once or filter down to just one workspace at a time. 

Simplified filtering

  • Active jobs are the most urgent so we have defaulted to showing Current Jobs when accessing the Job Management screen. If you need access to Idle or Completed jobs, they can be accessed using the quick right-hand side toggles. 

  • We’ve also added some quick toggle filters and sort options just below the workspace switcher.

Job Details

The job details page is where work gets done. We’ve thought a lot about how our users interact with the platform and modified our layout to bring the most important features to the forefront. 

Adapting to how you work

  • The largest change is the left-hand side panel giving you quick access to all your open jobs. You no longer have to hit the back button to navigate between jobs. Instead, you’ll just click the relevant job title on the left and side and the right panel.

  • Documents, details, and milestones are all just one click away. The right-hand side panel gives you quick access to all the relevant job details. 

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